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Get your Google Ads expertly managed.

After working at a marketing agency for 6 years, I set up my own company in 2018 to offer the next level of Google Ads management.

NOT an agency, but as an independent freelancer.

I’ve worked on 100’s of Ad accounts across every industry imaginable, ranging from £1k to £80k monthly spend. I have confidence to deliver profitable results time after time.

Increases in sales or leads are all I care about.

Anything else – impressions & clicks.. are just vanity metrics.

Get your Google Ads expertly managed. No agency apprentices!

After working at a marketing agency for 6 years, I set up my own company in 2018 to offer the next level of Google Ads management.

I’ve worked on 100’s of Ad accounts across every industry imaginable. This has given me confidence to deliver profitable results time and time again.

Increases in sales or leads are all I care about.

Anything else, impressions, clicks.. are just vanity metrics.

A recent testimonial…

“Adam is very knowledgeable, diligent, and thorough. He managed to improve our Google Ads leads generation already in the first few weeks of starting and now continuously brings new ideas and keeps the account up to date.”

Ziga V.

Director, Luxury Home Improvements Brand

The proof is in the pudding.

My own Google Ads stand out in a crowded market of experts for “google ads management” –

Why clients work with me

I’m Independent

As a freelancer, the motivation to deliver results is with me. I’m your point of contact by phone or email – no account managers.

Quality over Quantity

No agency sales targets. I work with a small number of clients at a time, ensuring a high level of quality and attention to detail.

Collaborative Relationship

I have great client relationships, often discussing broader marketing and website improvement ideas.

30-day Rolling Contracts

I don’t like how agencies often “lock-in” clients on 3-6 month contracts. I’m confident of results, so work on a monthly rolling basis.

Flexible around reality

If you’re with an agency, what happens if something happens after 5pm on a Friday? I’m available at weekends if urgent.

Regular Updates

Regular Google Meet calls to catch up on progress & results, discussing next focus areas and updates from your side.

Google Ads PPC Services

Google Ads isn’t just search!

Search (Text Ads)

The bread-and-butter.

Google Shopping

For eCommerce.

Remarketing & GDN

A no-brainer!

Performance Max (PMax)

Performs well if you have plenty of conversion data.

YouTube Ads

Great for businesses with exciting video creative.

Conversion Tracking

I setup and optimise GA4 conversion tracking.


Average eComm ROAS

Profit margin is just as important as ROAS, but this gives a rough idea.


Years’ Experience

Get someone experienced working on your account. No agency apprentices.



I’ve worked with clients in almost every industry, delivering results.

I’m Google Ads certified

in Search, Display, Shopping and YouTube Ads.

Google Ads Search certification

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      • Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

      • Conversion Tracking Setup

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      • Google Merchant Center

      • Full Manual CPC bidding

      • Ad copy A/B testing

      • Regular Google Meet calls

      • Real-time dashboard reports

      • Device-level bidding

      • Audience bid adjustments

      • 30-day rolling management

      • Excellent case studies

      Google Ads Management FAQs

      About my Google Ads management:

      I see myself as being on the client-side, listening to who you want to target, and taking care of the technical setup to make that happen. Tell me who your ideal customer is, and I’ll make sure your Google Ads are appearing to those.
      Most advertisers start by managing their Google Ads in-house, which is useful to get an initial benchmark of results.

      However, Google Ads has grown well beyond the basic “Ads and Keywords” setup of the 2000’s, to be a complex system with lots of default settings which can waste budget without you realising.

      Google’s continual push for automation and higher Ad revenues doesn’t always equal what’s best for you as the business. When auditing Google Ads accounts, I often see lots of wastage from settings being left to defaults or Google-recommended.

      I’m not interested in what Google wants us to do, but instead on the client-side, ensuring our Ad budget is placed where it’s most likely to generate revenue for us.

      My fees vary based on a few factors, including expected workload (which I can see from an audit or proposal), and monthly Ad spend (the more you spend the more data there is for me to review).

      No, I work on a 30-day rolling basis. I don’t see a need to “tie in” clients to 3-6 month contracts if I believe I can deliver results.

      Unfortunately I’d say 75% of the enquiries I get are from companies who are getting poor results, or feel neglected by their current agency.

      To start, I never over-promise. Real results take time and there are no guarantees.

      If you look at my Case Studies, you’ll see I’ve built a reputation for successfully managing Google Ads PPC accounts for businesses across the UK.

      Some of my largest projects are under NDA, however I’ve added recent success stories, as recent as July 2023, to my Case Studies page.

      I always try to get results as quickly as possible.

      As you can see from my Case Studies page, I started work with a client on 1st July 2023 and within days started increasing the number of relevant enquiries.

      While your website’s UX, design and speed is a main factor, I’m usually able to increase conversion rates by cutting out irrelevant traffic and focusing on those most likely to convert to buying your products or services.

      There are 3 components of Quality Score.

      The first two, Ad relevance and Expected click-through rate, I can help with directly.

      I’ll always give recommendations and support you with creating new, more specific landing pages which will improve our QS.

      Getting Started & Strategy:

      This depends on my current capacity and workload, however I can generally get started with the initial stages within a week so we can look to launch within 1-2 weeks of you starting with my service.

      In the first month, I usually suggest keeping your Ad spend exactly the same – so when we see more leads/sales coming through, it’s clear to see it’s from the improvements I make to the account.

      Once ROI has improved and we’re both confident in performance, we can start increasing budgets, ensuring ROI remains consistent.

      I generally always continue to use full Manual CPC bidding, which gives us full keyword-level control over our bids. That said, for the first week I do run on Maximise clicks which gives us a benchmark to start with.

      While Google is pushing automated strategies such as Maximise conversions, they need lots of data to work well – something which is hard to gather until we get the campaign performing in the first place!

      I often receive enquiries from companies who find their campaigns hitting a “ceiling” with these. After starting working with me, I switch to Manual CPC bidding and performance increases.

      I do full comprehensive keyword research right at the start of each client project, often generating 1,000’s of keywords which I then spend time filtering down to relevant searches from people at the right stage in the journey.

      I then segment the keywords into a Campaign and Ad Group structure which is used for the campaign build stage.

      Yes, as part of my initial keyword research I also review your competitor’s Ads and keyword targeting using tools such as SEMrush and SERanking.

      While others may then decide on a strategy of copying competitor’s Ads to include the main USPs, instead I look to ‘level up’ our Ads to stand out from the competition.

      Yes, even with quite complex B2B clients I make sure I have a solid understanding of the business then write sets of engaging Text Ads.

      I’ll write the Ads to be unique to each of the keyword sets we’re targeting. These will be shared with you before we go-live, and I’ll always ask you to share with me relevant USPs that we can include.

      It’s very rare that clients even have minor tweaks though, so that shows how much I try to understand.

      Yes, Google policies allow you to target your competitor’s brand as a keyword. However, the Ads you create must not mention their company name. This is a more common practice I’m seeing over the years, and can work.

      If you’re running Google Ads already, but perhaps with an agency who isn’t getting you results, my initial focus is on making sure we’re getting quality, relevant traffic with buying intent to your website.

      That’s the absolute best starting point for us.

      Then once we’re confident the newly-created or optimised campaigns are performing well, new specific landing pages become a discussion.

      Unlike traditional agencies who have highly-rigid, tightly-packed schedules, I’m able to be much more flexible and can test & adapt quickly.

      I’ll be in your account a few times each week, sometimes to check the performance of recent changes, other times to review data and make improvements or create new Ads etc.

      Types of Google Ads campaigns:

      While Search (Text Ads) and Google Shopping are the most common types, others include Performance Max, Display, Remarketing, and YouTube Ads.

      Yes, I started out at an eCommerce marketing agency, so I’m very revenue driven and have a strong understanding of Google Shopping, Merchant Center and product feeds etc. Not only focused on maximising revenue, but also understanding your product margins and focusing our spend on those more profitable products.

      I’m experienced with Merchant Center and eCommerce platform/product feed linking to fix any errors and make improvements.

      If you’re having any product disapprovals due to policy violations, that’s also something I can work to fix.

      Yes, while most of my clients target UK-wide, I do enjoy geo-targeting campaigns either by radius, city or postcodes. Google Local Services Ads can perform well for smaller one-man-band type companies also.

      Yes, Remarketing is often a no-brainer to get in place, due to the low cost and vastness of Google’s display network.

      Once we’ve got enough data in our audience lists, I segment by timeframe and landing page so we can run different messaging based on what they looked at on our site.

      If you’ve got video creative which we can use, definitely. YouTube Ads are also comparatively cheaper than Search or Shopping Ads, often costing just £0.05-£0.10 per view/click. You also only pay after someone views more than 30 secs of your video, or if they click to your website.

      I can also recommend optimum video length and any edits which may increase engagement (avoiding clicks on “Skip Ad”!).

      Performance & reporting:

      Yes, I’m confident with setting up conversion tracking for lead-based or eCommerce stores via GA4 or Google Tag Manager.

      I then import these goals to Google Ads.

      Yes, with UA (Universal Analytics) being discontinued from July 2023, I’ve worked with clients to set up their conversion tracking goals & events in GA4. I then import those into Google Ads.

      If you’ve run SEO campaigns in the past, you’ll be pleased to know that Google Ads are much more instant – in some cases we can go-live with a new Ad campaign in the morning, and have sales later that day.

      In most cases we’ll see improvements within a week.

      I have regular scheduled Google Meet calls with my clients, ensuring we’re in regular communication. I also provide reporting in your preferred format.