Google AdWords Consulting

Hey, I’m Adam.

After 4 years heading up AdWords for a marketing agency, I’ve had experience working for 10’s of clients across almost every industry imaginable. Although I use lots of tactics, at the end of the day all that’s important is that I’m delivering a profitable campaign.

Having launched and managed successful eCommerce stores of my own, I’m only interested in ways to increase your conversion rates and revenue. Anything else, impressions, clicks and the like.. are just vanity metrics.

AdWords Text Ads

Usually the bread and butter of most campaigns

  • Keyword research to understand the search terms people usually use when looking for your products/services
  • Crafting highly relevant Ads that’ll get high click-through rates
  • Using SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) best practices to achieve the lowest possible CPCs
  • Setting bid adjustments by time of day, day of week, device, location etc.
  • Continually reviewing search terms reports, adding negative keywords and noting new Ad opportunities

Google Shopping

For eCommerce businesses, Shopping (aka. PLA) is usually the best-converting form of paid traffic.

  • Product feed creation (on eCommerce platform), mapping product attributes etc
  • Merchant Center set up, feed connection and resolving errors
  • Structuring of campaigns in AdWords, splitting up products and creating a campaign per device type
  • Continually reviewing performance, ensuring we’re making a good ROI

Remarketing/Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing allows us to try and win back visitors who have left your website without making a purchase or enquiry.

  • Initial code implementation
  • Setting up remarketing lists for different timeframes and scenarios
  • Creating dynamic remarketing banners
  • Reviewing results to see what setup brings the best chance of conversion

Display Ads (GDN)

Display Ads allow us to show an Ad for your business on any websites that have a Google AdSense block.

  • Research and planning into the best targeting methods and set up
  • Creation of Ad banners with different variations to A/B test
  • Continually reviewing which targeting combination yields the best results

YouTube Ads

YouTube is a great platform for advertising, and gives us a wide range of targeting options. It’s also relatively cheap, and you only pay when someone interacts with your Ad.

  • Initial campaign setup, research into targeting methods based on buyer persona
  • Editing of video creative, creating versions to A/B test
  • Continual campaign review

Reasons to choose me to handle your AdWords account

1. I’m independent

As a freelancer, the motivation to deliver results lies with me. If I don’t get results, clients would leave. I’m not hidden away in a tall skyscraper in London, but someone you can call and email directly and get a quick reply.

2. Better value

As a freelancer working from my home office, I have low overheads so can pass on the savings to my clients.

3. A personal relationship

I have a great relationship with my clients, often talking much more than AdWords, but discussing website improvements and other marketing ideas.

I’ve had experience with a few eCommerce ventures, so I’m always happy to share what has worked for me.

4. Flexible around reality

If you’re with a traditional agency, what happens after 5pm on a Friday? Although I usually base my core client hours on weekdays, I’m available on weekends too if something needs looking at.

5. Honest, transparent reporting

I won’t overload you and shout about how successful I’ve been at getting you more impressions. Instead, my focus is on what matters to you; the end result.

My reports focus on the amount of revenue or leads I’ve generated you, relative to your Ad spend.

6. No lengthy contracts

I see the results I get for my clients, and so they speak for themselves. The idea of “locking-in” clients on a 3-6 month contract doesn’t seem to promote trust on either side of the relationship, so instead I work on a monthly rolling basis. This also further motivates me to deliver results quickly, which benefits my clients.

My AdWords Certifications

I’m Google AdWords Certified, in Search, Shopping, Mobile and Digital Sales.


Over the last 3 months my PPC campaign conversions have gone through the roof. I’m spending less money and getting more sales.

Its allowed me to transform my website into my main selling marketplace. Previously other market places such as Amazon and eBay accounted for about 80 percent of my overall sales. These days the website accounts for that 80 percent. The business turnover has tripled as a result.

I’m now at a stage I’m considering giving up my 9-5 job and just doing this full time. I can’t recommend Adam and his services enough.

Wes, AdWords Client

I never failed to be impressed with his in depth knowledge of AdWords and willingness to stay up to date with all the latest solutions, especially in relation to the eCommerce side of the business. We regularly worked on innovative approaches to accounts in somewhat difficult areas.

I was also very impressed with his enthusiasm for delivering results and stay one step ahead of his competitors in the PPC eCommerce industry.

Jonni Lomax, Google UK

I have found Adam to be very motivated and highly innovative, with an excellent attitude towards learning.

I have been impressed with his strong work ethic, which has developed over time. He has some fantastic ideas and is very talented.

He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I predict a bright future.

Emil Taswar

AdWords Management Pricing

Ideal for businesses wanting more leads or sales
Ideal for established businesses wanting better growth & ROI
For well-estabished accounts
For £10k+/month Ad spend
Fees based on % Ad spend

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