Testimonials from my clients

After 4 years heading up paid marketing for a marketing agency, I’ve had experience working for 10s of clients across almost every industry imaginable. Although I use lots of tactics, at the end of the day all that’s important is that I’m delivering a profitable campaign.

Having launched and managed successful eCommerce stores of my own, I’m only interested in ways to increase your conversion rates and revenue. Anything else, impressions, clicks and the like.. although important is irrelevant.

My clients love that I focus solely on driving a better ROI and increased sales/leads, rather than getting excited about impressions and exposure.

Adam’s initial email really grabbed my attention. I get lots of blanket emails from agencies offering PPC services, but Adam had really gone to the trouble to find out a little bit more about what I do and even offered suggestions.

It came at a time when my PPC campaigns were making conversitions, but I just didn’t have the time myself to put the hours in to really look after it all. Adam’s proposal was exactly what I needed someone to do, his pricing and terms were very reasonable so it was a no brainer really.

Over the last 3 months my PPC campaign conversions have gone through the roof. I’m spending less money and getting more sales. Its allowed me to transform my website into my main selling marketplace. Previously other market places such as Amazon and eBay accounted for about 80 percent of my overall sales. These days the website accounts for that 80 percent. The business turnover has tripled as a result. I’m now at a stage I’m considering giving up my 9-5 job and just doing this full time. I can’t recommend Adam and his services enough.

Wes Brown

“Your forensic attention to detail and broad spectrum of knowledge give me increasing confidence in your service”

“You’d have to be working for me full-time to get an 11/10 haha!”

Adi, Tyre Company

“Your energy, drive and entrepreneurial spirit has really inspired me, you’ve been A LOT of fun to work with too :)”

“I’ve always admired the attention to detail you show, the enormous amount of effort and energy you put into everything”

Phil, Former Employer (eCommerce Agency)

I never failed to be impressed with his in depth knowledge of AdWords and willingness to stay up to date with all the latest solutions, especially in relation to the eCommerce side of the business. We regularly worked on innovative approaches to accounts in somewhat difficult areas.

I was also very impressed with his enthusiasm for delivering results and stay one step ahead of his competitors in the PPC eCommerce industry.

Jonni Lomax, Google UK

I have found Adam to be very motivated and highly innovative, with an excellent attitude towards learning.

I have been impressed with his strong work ethic, which has developed over time. He has some fantastic ideas and is very talented.

He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I predict a bright future.

Emil Taswar

This year we supported V Festival for the first time and Adam joined our staff team at V in a completely different role to that which he’s used to at Leeds Festival; Adam managed a team of 20 volunteers working on a busy gate supervising the ticket scanning operation. This was a demanding role and Adam excelled in his team supervision and support.

Adam is a valued member of the team – we look forward to him returning to join us next season.

Steph Newman, Hotbox Events

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